Top 6 Event Industry Trends For 2017

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Top 6 Event Industry Trends For 2017

What a fantastic year 2016 was! To celebrate the New Year, here at Right Angle we wanted to celebrate everything that we achieved in the last 12 months.

Click here to download an infographic of our 2016 year in review.

Top 6 Event Industry Trends For 2017


The US military originally used the term VUCA to describe the instability in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan, but more recently it has been used to describe the unsteady times within the business environment. VUCA, short for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity reflects the speed and turbulence of change.

Here at Right Angle we can offer team building and management training that will help you and your teams to deal with change within your business. We understand that in business your reputation is everything and we can work with you to ensure that you successfully manage any crisis.  

It is worth remembering that VUCA isn’t’ something that can be solved, it just is.

But planning ahead and helping teams with instability may ensure that your business stands out against your competitors.

2. Virtual Reality vs Reality

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular and 2017 will see the progression of virtual reality within the events industry which will create new opportunities for event professionals. The biggest area that this would influence would be live entertainment, as it would allow people a far more engaging experience by mentally taking people to an event.

This would be something that could be incorporated with not only the actual events and experiences for delegates, but by allowing people to view venues virtually if they are not open.

3. Drone Streaming Live Events

2016 saw the progression of event delegates streaming live events using software such as Facebook Live. Drone livestreaming is an area that is set to be big in 2017 and was first introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in May 2016 when he demonstrated a drone flying and live streaming the video in real time on Facebook live.

Drones that have the ability to live stream are powerful engagement tools and will allow companies to provide a unique experience for attendees. This new technology will completely change the event industry and has taken immersive experiences to the next level with attendees not even having to be present.

4. Touchable Tech   

Touchable tech has always been the fastest growing solution in the event industry. 2017 will see the year that technology with offline, touchable products will grow. Some people, especially older generations don’t want a 100% virtual experience, they want something that they can touch, so technology we can touch offline creates the same connection as when we meet.

Touchable tech are simple solutions that appeal to the five senses and will allow your attendees to feel engaged in a new way.

The most amazing story we saw regarding touchable tech was the story of how scientists in Japan created the first ‘touchable’ hologram which emits ultrasonic radiation pressure that enabled users to experience the illusion of touching objects that aren’t really there.

5. Implications of Brexit

Although the implications of Brexit within the events industry will be uncertain for the next two years, as the pounds weakens it is expected that there will be more interest from overseas with the UK becoming a more affordable destination for some.

This will be a great opportunity for many event professionals to expand into a wider international market.

6. Unique Venues

For many years, hotels have become the popular choice for corporate events, but new trends in corporate planning are seeing people searching for more unique and unusual venues.

There are many fun and extraordinary venues that can now be booked for corporate events and we are working with a whole variety of these. 

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