Right Angle Corporate Launch New Experience - “In The Line of Duty”

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Right Angle Corporate Launch New Experience - “In The Line of Duty”

What was the most popular crime programme on the TV? You've got it; Sunday Night on Channel 1! Viewing figures showed over 9 million people watched the programme.

Right Angle Corporate have a designed a fully immersive, In the Line of Duty Experience. The case has been designed by Steve Gaskin, Managing Director of Right Angle Corporate, a former Detective Chief Inspector at New Scotland Yard AND advisor to BBC Silent Witness.

The Experience will be run by either ex-Scotland Yard Detectives or forensic experts.

What happens in a "In the Line of Duty" Experience:

  • Each guest receives full CSI uniform to wear and take home. This is exactly what is used in the programme.
  • Investigators will get the opportunity to investigate some "exhibits" based around a police case. These will be in bags exactly the same as used in the programme.
  • Each guest will hear about a police corruption investigation. There is a fantastic back story involving identical twins. Guests need to find out if evidence is false or has been tampered with. 
  • Guests need to carry out forensic and CSI tests using: state of the art fingerprint equipment. DNA investigation is also a feature.
  • Interview a "suspect" on tape recording equipment- exactly the same as used on TV.
  • Complete a Crime Watch Appeal.
  • The room is dressed with CSI tape and Pop Ups.
  • The winning team will receive some highly authentic police branded goods and each client gets an “Anti-Corruption” lapel badge.

The brand-new Experience is being released at C & IT Agency forum on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017.

For more information see http://rightangleevents.co.uk/events/377/in-the-line-of-duty


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