The Great Train Robbery

Great Train Robbery

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The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery took place on 6th August 1963 and was the most famous theft of its time.

A gang of 15 robbers from London, led by Bruce Reynolds, stole £ 2.6million from a train.

You and your team will have the unique opportunity to investigate the audacious crime.There is also a serious flaw in the evidence we would like to share with you!

You are at the centre of the experience.During a 3 Hour Experience this is what you will do:-

•Setting The Scene!
•The Robbery Venue and Leatherslade Farm
•Taking, Developing & Lifting Fingerprints
•Who left the prints?
•65A, Eaton Square!!
•Photo Fit of the Robbers
•NEW STUFF!-DNA, Hair/Fibre analysis
•Train Robbery Quiz
•Take Aways!

This is a totally different team build. If you are a London client we hold this event in the Star Public House in Belgravia, where the robbery was planned.

Event Details
Duration: Half Day 
Location: We can run this experience where the Great Train Robbery was planned (in Belgravia, London). However, all of our events are fully mobile so we can host them where ever you would like. We offer a free venue finding service with all of our events so would be more than happy to have a look at some ideas for you.

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