Rookie Detective

Scotland Yard Rookie

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Rookie Detective

Someone has committed either a murder or theft (your choice!). A crime scene has been set up where clients have to retrieve exhibits from it, examine them for fingerprints using real state-of-the-art CSI equipment.

The unique experience can be made really fun by you supplying us with three photographs of suspects (work colleagues etc).

Colleagues are divided into CSI teams. Each team has a CSI briefcase with everything needed for the investigation. We then give each client a CSI kit comprising mask and gloves - which makes a great photograph.

The investigation, intrigue and fun begins.

Our expert will then show you the following hands-on events:

  • Take your fingerprints and examine them with a fingerprint microscope.
  • Dust for fingerprints with brushes, find the clues, make photo fits using real FBI software
  • Free CSI quiz to complete during the event
  • Solve the crime

Event Details
Duration: 1-1.5 Hours
Location: All of our events are fully mobile so we can host them where ever you would like. We offer a free venue finding service with all of our events so would be more than happy to have a look at some ideas for you.  

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