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Evening Cocktail Making


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Evening Cocktail Making

This masterclass will teach you to shake, muddle and stir. Our mobile team building activity Ideal for promoting a fun team working atmosphere, guests are treated to a sensory experience.

This event is also a great way to entertain clients. Delicious cocktails  and amazing flair are a warm up to the main activities. Interactive cocktail games involve the whole crowd who learn new skills taught by some of the world’s leading bartenders, and above all, bond whilst having fun.

Reception Cocktails
Team Introduction 
Mixing Methods

Now the bar becomes interactive. Guests are split into teams and asked to observe carefully. After seeing cocktails methods demonstrated clearly, through classic recipes – volunteers from each team will be asked to come behind the bar and make the cocktails.

We will judge the efforts and mark each out of ten. There are several rounds, using different methods to create the drinks – including free-pouring, shaking & straining, muddling & churning, layering and flair skills.

Event Details
Problem Solving, Creativity
For 2+ participants
Duration: 1.5 hours

Please send me more
information about this event

Gallery - Evening Cocktail Making