Awakening the Dead

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Awakening the Dead

A crime has taken place! This is your unique and unusual opportunity to investigate a crime; usually the province of the police. “Awakening the Dead” is your chance to work with your colleagues in a completely different way. This is a proven, fresh approach to team building without the “usual suspects”.

It looks like just a box full of unusual items but it’s really a collection of clues. Clues that can identify

• Who the items belong to
• Who the offender was
• Why the crime was committed 

Delve back into the 1970’s (complete with silver boots!) and other historic items.Fascinating, unique, authentic 1970’s exhibits.

This experience comes from evidence collected from an unsolved “cold case”. It will take research on your part, and you’ll need a keen mind to decipher the clues... but what happened to whom, how and why?

See what was worn, listened to and what was in the news in 1977.

This option is slightly more analytical with cut throat competition.

Event Details
Duration: Half Day 
Location: All of our events are fully mobile so we can host them where ever you would like. We offer a free venue finding service with all of our events so would be more than happy to have a look at some ideas for you. 

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