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High Performance Team

High Performing Team Training

We can help make your team, a high performing team in 4 easy steps. We offer interactive, engaging and practical sessions with our fully qualified instructors. 

These sessions are designed to get you and your team working together to achieve high performance status. 

Do you want your team to be working effectively and efficiently together? Do your colleagues feel like a valued part of the wider team? It is areas like this, we delve into, discuss and elaborate on, to make your good team, an outstanding team. 

Step 1: Where is your team now?

Each member of the team will completely a confidential assessment on how they think they are performing, and on elements such as recognition, goals, identification etc. We examine 20 different areas

Step 2: How can your team improve?

Everyone is involved in looking at the areas where the team can launch to high performance status.

Step 3: Growing as a team

Strategies for getting the team to high performance status. Short focused activities. 

Step 4: Achieving High Performance Status

Wider strategies to keep the team on track, and models for the team to follow.

Our High Performing Team Events dove tail perfectly with a range of Team Building Activities we offer. 

The most popular combination is High Performing Team, and Team Building Experience of the Year "The Killing". This full day event begins with the morning High Performing Teams activity. After a lunch break, we then use elements of what was learned, and use "The Killing" as an opportunity to put this into practice and develop any additional areas. This experience is proven to help even the most established teams.

Contact the team today to start the journey to achieving high performing team status! Call 0207 1676 717 or email info@rightangleevents.co.uk now to chat through your requirements.

Our trainers hold a range of qualifications from the Institute of Leadership & Management to PGCE's. We guarantee these events will help you and your teams.

C&IT Award Finalists

C&IT Awards 2017 - Team Building Experience of the Year Finalist Right Angle won Team Building Experience of the year in 2015 with ou...more

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