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Team Engagement

When you hear the term team engagement or team building what does that mean to you?

For some people, when they hear the phrase team building it can make them feel hesitant as many people are unsure what ‘team building’ involves.  Many companies use team building to build and develop an effective team. For employees to feel part of a team they need to feel part of something bigger than themselves which has a lot to do with understanding the wider objectives of the company including the mission, vision and values.

Employees can be inspired if the company they work for has a compelling vision, clear and inspiring mission and overall good company values.

What is employee engagement                                                                                                   

Employee engagement is a two-way commitment, based on trust and good communication between an organisation and the employee. If an employee is engaged their individual performance and productivity will increase which in turn will benefit the company.

These are a couple of definitions of employee engagement:

  • The employee’s connection to your company’s mission
  • A heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organisation, that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work
  • When employees care and feel cared for, they are engaged
  • How does team building increase team engagement?

How does team building increase team engagement

Building an efficient team is important as it will improve results, and increasing employee engagement can be done through increasing team work. It is important to understand the different personalities within your team and find out what tasks they love, hate what their strengths are etc.

We use a system called SPECTRUM ™ which is a fantastic tool that is available on 3 levels. 

The second option, would be to have a Team SPECTRUM ™ Evaluation. This full report is based on answers given by participants anonymously. This report is then analysed and presented to you by one of our facilitators. The facilitator provides feedback to not only the team leader but to the whole group. Our facilitator will help highlight areas for improvement, and look at strengthening high performance. This is a fantastic addition to any team building event.

We use this to assess:

  • Individuals - this generates a personalised professional report, direct to the participant
  • Team - a report for the whole team, a fabulous team development tool
  • 3rd Level - this is a report created for specific departments/divisions/areas etc


Leadership and employee engagement

Employee engagement is down to the leadership team and led by the leadership team.  It is a culture, leaders need to change the way that they lead if they want to make changes within the company culture. This needs to change and be led from the top and feed this down amongst employees. It deals with the hearts and minds of the employees, a change in mindset.

What creates a successful leader and why is this important for employee engagement and the organisation as a whole

Five traits of a successful leader are:

  • Being optimistic & confident
  • Valuing employees
  • Clear vision and communication
  • Responsibility
  • Detail orientated

There are many different types of leadership styles from dictators to those who take a more collaborative approach. It is important that leaders take into account the personalities and strengths of their employees to allow the business to be successful. Leaders must inspire employees to get excited about the company that they are working for and help push them to excel. This is done by helping them to understand the wider objectives of the company including the mission, vision and values.

When a company has good leadership, communication is good amongst staff, they feel valued and that they can contribute their ideas and feedback to management. Not only this, but they are asked for their input and ideas too.  

We now offer Leadership Experiences which can help you to develop leadership skills within your business whilst using elements from our unique team building activities.

Our Leadership Experiences have a unique element to them. They take into consideration a leader’s preferred leadership style and help to develop other styles making them an overall GREAT leader.

Embedded in our Leadership Experiences are exercises designed to maximise learning from our existing award-winning experiences including:

  • The Killing - A full murder enquiry with full CSI
  • How to be a Bodyguard
  • Taken - Your CEO has been kidnapped, you need to use great team work, electronic bugging and good decision-making skills


If you are interested in finding out more about our team engagement activities or leadership experiences, contact us on 0207 1676 717 or email


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