Event Trends - Team Development

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Event Trends - Team Development

As businesses are planning ahead, especially in light of the looming Brexit, companies are focusing harder on Team Development as well as team building, both of which are crucial. 

Looking at team dynamics and individual personality types, managers and colleagues are aiming at improving not only the productivity of employees and teams but also the interactions between people, to support greater mental well-being. Happier individuals and cohesive teams are not only are more productive, but this also creates a better work environment for general health and well-being. 

There has been an increase in multi-day sessions allowing for great emphasis and implementation of team development and team building. 

Additionally, we are being asked more about International events, with companies to assist with integrating into the setting they have been placed. Large companies moving large work forces overseas are keen to ensure this process will be as smooth as possible. 

Right Angle Corporate has developed some dynamic and innovative sessions including psychometric tests for high performing teams, personality interaction and the practical application. 

A great way for companies to get an even higher return on their staff investment.

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