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Surveillance, Safety & Security. Eyes on events.

Imagine you’re organising a team building activity or conference for your whole company at a beautiful venue, and disaster strikes. Perhaps a fire, a security threat, someone is taken ill, or worse. Would you be ready to assist with the evacuation or incident?

Right Angle now have a specialist security team, who are experts in events. We spoke to Simon and Steve about what is the most important things in event security and about their times in the UK Armed Forces.  

What’s the most important thing to consider in terms of security during an event? The most important thing in my mind is that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. This is always at the forefront of our team briefings. If any situation arises, no matter what it may be, it is dealt with discreetly, quickly and efficiently and with as minimal disruption to the event as possible.

Why would somebody need security at their event? There is many reasons for this. It may be the licence dictates it. The client may just want peace of mind. There may be a genuine threat to the event or one or more of its attendees. I think with the current security climate everyone assumes security should be there because of that, however I feel people do forget about the criminal aspect, theft etc.

What’s your top tip to keep your guests safe? Any of our teams that work events are always briefed by the conference and events managers. This will include time of guest arrival, to pre-dinner drinks, times of call to dinner, through to what time coffee is served. During 19 years of preparing in this way, I've always found it assists the team in doing their job to the level expected of us. Our teams on events know fully what is expected of them. In the most part they know the venue and staff very well so can spot anything or anyone who appears out of place. They take an active role in the Health & Safety of the event, constant fire walks making sure exits are kept clear at all times, to making sure the licensing laws are upheld.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen and worst thing you’ve seen at an event? For me it's when it's been an exceptionally busy event with a lot happening at the event from the number of people attending through to the various entertainment put on for the event. Then everyone departs = no incidents. 

The worst things I can't repeat before the watershed.

You were both in the UK Armed Forces, what was it like going from the forces to private events? Having witnessed a few mess dinners, I think private events are better behaved. I think in any walk of life you take your experiences with you and try to implement them in what you do, whether that be on a personal level or for work. I think the biggest thing for me was how "civvys" don't use the 24hour clock and sometimes our staff will give us strange looks when you tell them to go and get some scoff, food. Steve and I will sometimes have conversation using abbreviations that the team will then have to go and ask our team leaders to translate what we were talking about into plain English.

Right Angle are pleased to be offering specialist event security, keeping delegates, organisers and VIP’s safe and protected. Please contact the team on 0207 1676717 or email 


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