Bear Grylls Survival Academy

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Take your team on an amazing survival journey and introduce them to extreme survival skills used not only by Bear himself but in some of the most extreme and wild environments.

Led by one of our experienced BGSA lead instructors, your team will be put to the test to complete exhilarating physical and mental challenges. Immerse yourself in this extremely adrenaline-fuelled survival experience. At the academy you need courage and determination to complete this fun course. Your team will come away with expert team work skills, professional survival knowledge and life-long memories.

Award Winning Team Experiences

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Fire & Forage

Learn how to light a fire and forage

Survival Skills

Test your survival skills in the eating and drinking challenge

Stalking and Tracking

Stalking, Tracking and Axe Throwing

Blindfolded Fun

Blindfolded Land Rover Pull Challenge