Charity Bike Build Event

Charity Bike Build provides an outstanding opportunity to bring your people together to deliver a single aim of supporting charity and community projects and programmes.

With a high level of engagement Charity Bike Build is a team challenge that provides a role for the whole team. See our other challenges.

Award Winning Team Experiences

Our mission is to provide team focused experiences that are distinctive, inspiring, memorable and engaging. We offer team building and team development events designed to fit your aims and objectives.

Enjoy the day

The challenge lasts for around 3 hours, this can be tailored to suit your agenda

Give to the community

Receive a presentation from the Bike Charity, this gives an insight in to how the bikes will be used and creates an emotional bond.

Fully Equipped

Each team is allocated a professional bike workshop with all the tools and equipment required

Learn real life skills

The Knowledge session splits the team and provides the individuals with the skills required to build the bike