Charity Bike Build Event

Charity Bike Build provides an outstanding opportunity to bring your people together to deliver a single aim of supporting charity and community projects & programmes.

With a high level of engagement Charity Bike Build is a team challenge that provides a role for the whole team. Take Social Responsibility to a much wider audience with an engaging, team focused activity that is empowering for all attendees. Completed bikes are then checked and handed over to deserving charities.

Tell Me More About Charity Bike Build

Build Bikes

Working in teams of 5-8 people, each team will be challenged to build their team bike. The event begins with an insight in to how the bikes will be used and creates emotional interest in the experience.

The Knowledge

The Knowledge session splits the team & provides the individuals with the skills required to build the bike, they then share with the rest of the team, this collaboration enables the whole team to come up with a plan.

The Materials

Each team is allocated a bike workshop with all the tools & equipment needed. Sound easy? There are ‘curve balls’ along the way, insufficient budget, missing elements & problems to solve.

Business Outcomes

Teams may need to compete and collaborate with each other, they may need to consult with the recipient charities to ensure they get their bike built on budget and on time!