Chocolatier’s Apprentice

Chocolatiers Apprentice Team building event - Right angle corporate events

Our most popular and challenging cooking challenge! Does your team have what it takes to become successful Chocolatiers?

Once everyone is clued up on chocolate tempering, ganache making, dipping and finishing, teams will nominate a Project Manager to lead the branding, packaging, marketing and manufacturing of over 100 chocolates. It is then down to the judges to award points for creativity, taste, concept, presentation and the all-important sales pitch. This challenging, stimulating and extremely tasty team building event is certainly a great opportunity to boost morale and motivation amongst your team. Does your team have what it takes to become successful Chocolatiers?

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Competitive Fun

Competitive and fun challenge that encourages teams to trust and support each other

We bring the kitchen!

Can be run in any venue – we bring the kitchen and ingredients to you!

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An uplifting and memorable experience that will boost morale

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A challenge that requires a variety of strengths and skills, accommodating to different peoples strengths.