Christmas Crystal Challenge

A Crystal Maze themed event where teams compete in a range of Christmassy team building activities in order to win the most crystals. Teams visit activity zones that are categorized Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill.

In each zone there are a number of themed team building games and activities for teams to complete. All team challenges are Christmas themed and include completing the Present Pyramid, solving the Christmas mystery to find out who stole the presents, an igloo whilst blindfolded (to prevent snow blindness of course) and lots more! For each task teams are awarded crystals depending on their performance. The more crystals teams earn, the more time they will have in the finale. For the finale the whole team gets into a giant ball pool.

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

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A cut-throat competitive event to get guests working head to head on challenges


Teams will have to work around 4 different zones of challenges


Crystmas Maze includes a variety of mental and physical puzzles to solve

Flexible Event

Perfect for groups large and small