Crime Talks

Are you looking for something completely unique to integrate into a corporate dinner or conference? Crime Talks is an event delivered by former Scotland Yard Detectives, and a collection of engaging and enigmatic talks on topics such as: serial killers, psychopaths and undercover policing.

Our speakers will captivate your audience with their most challenging cases and infamous crime stories that have shaken Great British press. You’ll also be able to measure your own or your partners psychopathy through our psychopath screening!

Award Winning Team Experiences

Our mission is to provide team focused experiences that are distinctive, inspiring, memorable and engaging. We offer team building and team development events designed to fit your aims and objectives.


A Unique and Intriguing addition to your corporate event - a talk your audience would have never attended before

Psychopath Screening

Complete a psychopath screening to measure your own or your partners psychopathy


Be sure to captivate your audience

Real Life Crime Stories

Listen to real life infamous crime stories from an Ex Scotland Yard Detective