Escape the Box at Christmas

Inspired by the Escape Room phenomenon, our Escape The Box challenge requires teams to work through the myriad of clues in order to ‘unlock’ the next part of the game.

Teams must progress through the 12 sequential stages as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. Teams who employ a thoughtful strategy and manage their time carefully shall prevail. With a huge variety of content, the challenge is designed to keep teams engaged in this classic race against time! Expect to be immersed in the race to Escape The Box as you decipher puzzles and conundrums to crack the padlock codes and gain access to the next activity Box.

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This event offers a huge variety of content


This event is designed to keep teams engaged and enthralled.

Take a Clue

Will your team have the aptitude to reveal hidden messages, and will they be able to follow secret directions?


Will you and your team have the intuition to complete a scientific test to reveal the hidden digit?