Escape The Box Team Building

Work through the clues and correctly complete the questions and challenges to unlock the next part of the game. There are 12 stages and you need to be quick. The team who adopts the most effective strategy and manages their time efficiently shall prevail.

Will your team figure out how to reveal hidden messages, and will they be able to follow the secret directions left on the Dictaphone? Concentration and team work are crucial in this classic race against time. Decipher puzzles, solve conundrums and overcome any curve balls or misleading information to crack the padlock codes and escape the box.

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

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Against the Clock

Race against time to solve clues, conundrums and challenges

Challenge Your Team

Challenge your team to collaborate and solve problems


Map reading and following compass bearings

Deciphering Morse code

Analyse and decipher Morse Code