Gingerbread Village at Christmas

In this fun activity teams will work together to make the most creative gingerbread village. Each team will choose one theme for the village and come together with the other teams for the impressive village.

Bring back the community and celebrate British Heritage build your own bakers, grocers, post office, red post boxes, church, school, central square, village clock, police and fire stations and even a garden centre. To go along side the shops and houses teams can get creative making people, buses, police cars, fire engines, trees, flowers and even a fruit and veg display for the grocers, and a bread display for bakers out of sugar paste. There is no limit to the creativity and magic of this fun team event.

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

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Fully Equipped

We provide the gingerbread building blocks and a vast range of sweets, treats, icing and tools.

Expert Pastry Chef

Our expert pastry chef will give an interactive demonstration moulding figurines and building the structures.


We provide guests with the insight into the skills required for the challenge in a fun way that will get everyone in the spirit of the activity.

Sketch & Plan

You and your team will have to sketch out a plan for their village and allocate tasks to each other to deliver a phenomenal magical village.