Haka Workshop Team Building

Our Haka Workshop is a fun, empowering and uplifting activity ideal for uniting and motivating your team.

Learn about this cultural Maori tribal dance, see the Haka being demonstrated live then follow the workshop and learn it yourselves. The Haka demonstrates unity, one team, working together in strength and is the perfect event for your team to experience together.

Award Winning Team Experiences

Our mission is to provide team focused experiences that are distinctive, inspiring, memorable and engaging. We offer team building and team development events designed to fit your aims and objectives.

Exhilarating Experience

Authentic and exhilarating experience


One of a kind event that will motivate and excite your team

Maori Tradition

Learn about the Maori tradition and the meanings behind the Haka tribal dance


A fun, unique and unforgettable team event