Personal Profile Assessments (PPA)

How you behave at work and the study of yourself is the most interesting of human studies. In addition, knowledge of your colleague’s behaviour will help the team understand their capabilities, strengths and preferences.

It is based on Carl Jung’s colours. Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Each team member receives their own confidential report. A report is then collated showing colour preferences amongst the team. This can be facilitated or “self-delivery”

Why Focus on Team Development?

Team Development enables members to perform at a high level and remain as high performers. This brings with it success, achievement, efficiency and excellent interpersonal relationships. With some simple interventions your team development will be something you and your team will be proud of.

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Personal Profile Assessments allow you to look deep within at certain triggers for different kinds of behaviours.


Accruing a knowledge of your fellow work colleagues capabilities; you'll be able to learn each others strengths and weaknesses.


The assessment of behaviour allows us to deeply appreciate peoples preferences and how to keep them in their element.


A detailed report will be collated showing colour preferences amongst your team. This is perhaps the most interesting part!