Taken Experience Team Building

Blood splatter

Your job is to rescue your kidnapped CEO and get him or her back before it's too late! Our Taken Experience is based on the ability of any given team to rescue someone who has been kidnapped.

A Scotland Yard Detective will deliver a special brief to you, whereby you need to devise the most appropriate plan to recover your kidnapped CEO. You will develop 'special skills' through analysing various surveillance techniques and harbouring your hostage negotiation skills.

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

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Based on Three Main Challenges

Based on three main challenges, each group needs to decide what to do!


You will be introduced to a police 'informant' as you try to acquire more information about the case in hand.

Pay The Ransom!

Pay the ransom! You will be tasked to transport the ransom cash to a pre-agreed safe location.

Search the CEO's Office

Perform a search of the CEO's office. You will be looking through various clues, evidence and items found in the CEO's office, including a code.